Consumer Sprays

Spray is our passion. We are fully equipped with the tools to support nozzle development solutions for your next innovative product. We provide in-depth analysis to meet the needs of your specific application.


VOC Reduction

  • Cost Reduction
  • CARB Credits
  • Environmental Goals
  • Reduce VOCs without compromising product or user experience

Product Efficacy

  • Improved Distribution
  • Optimized Droplet Sizes
  • Extended Spray Performance

User Experience

  • Less Overspray
  • No Running
  • Distinctive Square Pattern
  • Reduced Trigger Effort


Spray Analysis

  • Laser Spray Characterization
  • Droplet Size Analysis
  • Benchmarking / Marketing Data


  • Proprietary Rapid Molded Parts
  • Customized Test Protocols
  • Rapid Response & Turnaround