As the recognized leader in the design, development and manufacture of automotive washer nozzles, dlhBOWLES has unmatched experience and expertise in its field. Our proprietary fluidic nozzle technology provides superior performance and a clear field of vision for the road ahead.

dlhBOWLES is the global leader in the design and development of fluidic windshield washer nozzles and has been a supplier to the automotive industry for over 40 years. With its larger coverage area, optimal droplet sizing and efficient fluid usage, the fluidic washer nozzle has become the benchmark for cleaning performance for OEMs and their suppliers worldwide.

When tested on actual vehicles against other nozzle types in simulated, real world conditions, the dlhBOWLES fluidic nozzle:

  • Cleaned 62% -70% faster
  • Used 65% -74% less fluid to clean
  • Allowed for 53 -65 more cleanings per bottle fill
  • Pre-wet an area 19 -23 times larger
  • Held spray position better at all road speeds
  • Greatly improved visibility and driver safety
  • Dramatically reduced smearing, streaking
  • Significantly reduced wiper blade wear