Powertrain & Chassis

dlhBOWLES Powertrain & Chassis products present a myriad of options to meet your project needs. Our engineered plastic solution approach coupled with an extensive catalog of standardized components offers the industry leading advantage required to exceed your expectations. From SAE quick connects to a variety of unions, grommets, clips and mechanical attachments, we are well equipped to deliver quick turnaround, custom designs at competitive costs.

Our proven expertise in Powertrain and Chassis includes the following product categories:

Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV)

  • Fresh & Foul Air Tubing Assemblies
  • PCV valves

Vacuum Brake Assist

Vacuum Control Systems

  • Turbo Waste Gate Control
  • Engine Mount Control

Evaporative Emissions

Vent Lines

Lubricant Fill Tubes

Suspension / Load Leveling