Clēr™ Camera & Sensor Cleaning

Foreign materials like dirt, road salt, slush, snow, and many other weather or environment related materials can cause lens obstruction that will lead to degraded sensor performance or render the sensor nonfunctional. Any vehicle using a camera system needs a clear, unobstructed view in order to function properly and ensure safety.

Stay Clean, Stay Safe

The number of cameras present on new vehicles is ever increasing. The introduction of NHTSA-mandated backup cameras on all passenger vehicles, 360° surround-view parking assist systems, and Intelligent Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), has made the integration of cameras into vehicles commonplace. These systems significantly increase safety and introduce drivers to a new level of convenience by offering a range of functionality that is not offered by other sensor types.

Telescoping Nozzles

  • Unrestricted camera field of view
  • Protection from the environmental debris
  • Totally invisible behind a styled cap

Fixed Nozzles

  • Compact
  • Maximum durability
  • Styled to match your application


  • Smallest Packaging
  • Cylindrical Form Factor
  • Multiple Configurations Available

Fluid Control Unit (FCU)

  • Customized barb configurations
  • CAN/LIN capable controls
  • Easily engineered integration

Multi-Zone Camera and Sensor
Cleaning System