dlhBOWLES provides full support of your hose assembly project from prototype to production and beyond. With a wide array of materials, standardized connectors, components and attachment methods we can meet the needs for your most challenging applications.

Our facilities utilize highly efficient assembly cells and test stations to ensure consistent, quality production at competitive cost. We manufacture or source a variety of tubing materials including:

  • Nylon (formed)
  • Convoluted PP or Nylon
  • Reinforced
  • Silicone/Viton

Where other dlhBOWLES fluid components such as washer nozzles, check-valves or pumps are already used, additional cost savings and performance improvements may result from consolidating these parts into a larger assembly – maximizing efficiency and allowing for reductions in the supply base. We continue to grow our offering of hose assembly sub-components to further increase our design options.

Our experienced engineers can recommend the optimal hose material for your assembly after considering factors such as environmental, cost, connections and kinking requirements.