The following dlhBOWLES products are protected by patents in the United States and in other jurisdictions of the world. Other products and services not listed here may be protected by one or more patents in the United States and elsewhere. Additional patents are pending in the United States and elsewhere.

ProductApplicable Patents
Washer Nozzles (included but not limited to: windscreen, rear glass, side mirrors, and camera cleaning or sensor cleaning.)5,749,525; 5,820,034, 5,845,845; 5,906,317; 6,186,409; 6,240,945; 6,253,872; 6,457,658; 6,948,513; 7,014,131; 7,036,749; 7,267,290; 7,472,848; 7,651,036; 7,677,480; 7,775,456; 8,172,162; 8,662,421; D417,181
Automotive (Included but not limited to: HVAC Flow Ducting, Control and Distribution)5,921,860; 5,297,989; 5,788,394
Automotive Hose Systems and Washer Systems (Included but not limited to: Check Valves, washer pumps, Brake Boosters, Axle Venting, Emission Foul and Clean Air Management, Evaporators, Air Inlet Devices and Aspirators.)5,636,794; 6,948,513; 8,348,606; 8,684,686; 10,092,913
Industrial Products (Included but not limited to: Plant Water Cooling, Industrial Burners, flow meters, leak detectors, and decontamination nozzles.)5,149,263; 5,827,976; 5,853,624; 6,338,268; 7,134,609; 7,293,722
Consumer Products (Included but not limited to: aerosol sprays (personal care, cleaning and medical), showerheads, spa nozzles, ozone and chemical in-line injectors, faucet sprays, irrigation nozzles (commercial, agricultural and residential), rinsing and cleaning nozzles for household and commercial applications. Air Blow-off nozzles. High Viscosity Sprays.)5,860,603; 6,497,375; 6,581,856; 6,938,835; 6,978,951; 8,702,020; 9,067,221; 9,089,856; 9,555,422; 9,765,491; 9,776,195; 9,821,324; 9,987,639; 10,086,388; D712009, D450,804
Other Products for various nozzle types5,213,269; 5,213,270