Clēr™ Camera & Sensor Cleaning

Foreign materials like dirt, road salt, slush, snow, and many other weather or environment related materials can cause lens obstruction that will lead to degraded sensor performance or render the sensor nonfunctional. Any vehicle using a camera system needs a clear, unobstructed view in order to function properly and ensure safety.

Powertrain & Chassis

dlhBOWLES Powertrain & Chassis products present a myriad of options to meet your project needs. Our engineered plastic solution approach coupled with an extensive catalog of standardized components offers the industry leading advantage required to exceed your expectations. From SAE quick connects to a variety of unions, grommets, clips and mechanical attachments, we are well equipped to deliver quick turnaround, custom designs at competitive costs.

Washer Systems

Our extensive portfolio of proprietary fluid management technologies provides end-to-end solutions to expertly address the needs of a wide array of automotive, industrial and consumer applications.

Sunroof Products

dlhBOWLES has a series of Sunroof systems solutions for both drainage and cable return. The experience we bring to every program in these categories is in designing to maximize efficiency in routing, attachment and connection simplicity.

Specialty Products

The dlhBOWLES Specialty Products Group tackles each project as a unique challenge. We work with you to make sure that you get the performance that you want, customized specifically for your application. Our expertise in spray nozzle engineering, custom spray nozzles and spraying solutions are best-in-class.