Clēr™ Fluid Control Unit

Clēr™ Fluid Control Unit for focused zone camera and sensor cleaning

Innovations to Increase Sensor Availability for Advanced Driving Systems (ADS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV)

The Clēr™ fluid control unit (FCU) can be configured with as few as three independently controlled cleaning zones for today’s ADS features. Its modular design facilitates expansion for more complex AV designs.

The Clēr™ FCU is an automotive grade innovation durable enough to withstand the demanding environments of the toughest application developed through the joint expertise of fellow industry veteran Rausch and Pausch GmbH (RAPA).  Its flexible design provides customized barb configurations, Analog VDC or CAN/LIN capable controls, and easily engineered integration. The optimized pressure drop can be maintained for flow rates up to 1.7LPM through a single valve, allowing for robust cleaning of sensor zones by delivering washer fluid for up to five (5) Clēr™ LIDAR cleaning nozzles. Optical sensor availability can be restored to safe and functional levels in less than 1 second when combined with our advanced Clēr™ cleaning nozzles and tubing solutions.

Table shows functional characteristics of the fluid control unit

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