Headlamp Wash

With High Intensity Discharge (HID) and LED headlamps becoming increasingly common, cleaning requirements are strained by the capabilities of traditional technology. While older designs are pushed to the limit of acceptability, dlhBOWLES has developed a series of nozzles that have redefined headlamp cleaning.

dlhBOWLES has pioneered the development of the modern headlamp wash system. In our most recent engineering achievement we have produced the groundbreaking X-Factor nozzle. The benefits of the Fluidic X-Factor Headlamp Systems are clear:

  • Light recovery is a 25% improvement over competitor designs
  • Fluid used per cleaning is 50% less without affecting certification and homologation
  • Weight savings can be as much as 1.9kg
  • System can be driven by a standard washer pump dramatically reducing cost