Advanced Driving Systems and Autonomous Vehicle Technology


Stay Clean, Stay Safe


The number of cameras and sensors present on new vehicles is ever increasing. The introduction of LiDAR sensors on autonomous vehicles, 360° surround-view parking assist systems, and Intelligent Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), has made the integration of sensors into vehicles commonplace. These systems significantly increase safety and introduce drivers to a new level of convenience by offering a range of functionality that is not offered by cameras alone.


dlhBOWLES provides a cleaning innovation for Automotive cameras and sensors that seamlessly integrates into the existing washer system in the vehicle improving the effectiveness and safety of today’s ADAS and autonomous technology.  All cleaning systems are developed alongside the camera, sensor, and automotive manufacturers to create optimized designs for any vehicle configuration. 


What’s worse than having a vehicle without Advanced Driving Technology?  Having a vehicle with the technology that does not function because of a simple problem like water, snow and road debris!

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