dlhBOWLES lends a hand to support production of much needed medical supplies in the United States

dlhBOWLES is a manufacturer of injection molded components, extruded tubing and formed tubing for the automotive and consumer products industry globally.  Our capabilities include lights out injection molding using 33 to 330-ton presses, 2 to 3.5-inch extruders, 4ft to 8ft diameter index forming tables, in-house injection mold tool, and machine shops all from our North American locations in Maryland, Ohio and Reynosa, Mexico.

With over 60 years of experience working with various types of plastics, dlhBOWLES is in a unique position to provide components to manufacturers of ventilators, disinfecting sprays and other much needed plastic supplies during the COVID-19 crisis in the United States.

In an effort to support this crisis, dlhBOWLES invites all manufacturers of high demand medical supplies to contact us to regarding any plastic components needed to support the increased demand due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are prepared to help.

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Advances in Sensor Cleaning Pave the Way for Autonomous Driving

As Automated Driving Systems (ADS) technology grows exponentially, the idealist in us envisions that the practical safety of such systems can keep pace.  At dlhBOWLES, we see the collective harmony of innovative automotive design, technology, safety, and convenience as the key to giving customers what they need.  Specifically speaking, this means that our sensor cleaning is ready to deploy before drivers are alerted to the need for it.

Megan Lampinen’s (2020) article featuring dlhBOWLES Chief Executive Officer, John Saxon, spotlights the challenge presented by sensor systems exposed to dirty, buggy, icy, and rainy encumbrances in the very environment they are designed to navigate.

Lampinen, M. (2020). Advances in sensor cleaning pave the way for autonomous driving, Automotive World. Retrieved from

dlhBOWLES and RAPA to Exhibit Newly Developed Camera and Sensor Cleaning Technology at CES 2020

COLUMBIA, Md., Dec. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — dlhBOWLES of Columbia, Maryland USA announces a new development for an innovative technology supporting Advanced Driving Systems (ADS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV) with the RAPA group located in Selb, Germany and in Auburn, Alabama USA.  Clēr™ is a Camera and Sensor Cleaning product line that uses patented technology developed by dlhBOWLES to distribute air and water at the right time to the right location on a vehicle in order to keep cameras and sensors free of environmental contaminants.

dlhBOWLES’ Clēr™ product line includes RAPA’s solenoid distribution system to control when, how, and how much air or liquid is distributed to a sensor.  Together with dlhBOWLES’ expertise in fluid distribution, the Clēr™ system provides vehicle manufacturers with a highly engineered system to maintain functionality of their ADS and AV Systems while the vehicle is in operation. This technology will be on display by invitation only in the Westgate Hotel at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 7, 2020 through January 10, 2020.  Contact dlhBOWLES at to request a private viewing of this technology.

dlhBOWLES Chief Executive Officer John Saxon announced, “Our recently formed partnership with RAPA underscores dlhBOWLES’ commitment to serve our customers with excellence in everything we do and furthermore reflects our desire to collaborate with companies who share our vision of constant improvement. We consider CES 2020 an ideal time and place for our new product line reveal as we build upon our past, leverage our present, and shape our future.” 

Also, RAPA LP Chief Executive Officer Kelly Nelson sees this cooperation as a great opportunity for the future: “Anticipating the engineering challenges of our customers before they face them is at the heart of our product developmental strategy. The opportunity to collaborate with a company like dlhBOWLES should be seen as a clear commitment to our customers to that end. Together we will lead the way in providing solutions to our customers within the ever-changing and challenging engineering landscape of autonomous driving.”

dlhBOWLES provides cleaning systems for automotive cameras and sensors that seamlessly integrate into a vehicle’s existing washer system, improving the effectiveness and safety of today’s Advanced Driving Systems and tomorrow’s Autonomous Vehicle technology.  Foreign materials like dust, mud, road salt, snow and water can cause sensor obstruction that will lead to degraded system performance or even render the system inoperable.

Any vehicle utilizing optical sensors (including cameras) will need a clear, unobstructed view to function properly and ensure safe operation. The presence of cameras and sensor systems on new vehicles has increased significantly over the past few years and will be part of standard equipment in the coming years as more vehicles adopt the lifesaving ADS technologies.

As a partner of the Automotive industry, RAPA shapes the current trends in automotive engineering. With innovative solutions in safety, comfort, e-mobility, efficiency and sustainability, this family-owned company based in Selb, Germany will soon be celebrating 100 years of success as a reputed technology partner and hidden champion.

Rausch & Pausch provides engineering and installation services for large premium automotive brands such as BMW, Daimler, Jaguar, Tesla and Porsche to name but a few. RAPA focuses on the development of parts, components and systems for vehicles and assists along the entire cycle from pre-development to the start of production. With an ultra-modern, high-tech laboratory at its headquarters, the latest measuring and test equipment, and prototype production; RAPA offers an excellent infrastructure at its plant in Selb, Germany and Auburn, Alabama, USA. But this is still not enough as every production system is developed in-house and is tailored exactly to specific requirements.

For over 60 years, dlhBOWLES has been a pioneer of innovation thanks to their deep strength in research and development leading to more than 250 patents in the area of fluid management systems and devices.  The company utilizes dedicated engineering teams using state-of-the-art prototyping and manufacturing processes, allowing for a penchant to take the initiative.  In 2012, the company was first to market with its front camera cleaning system on the Ford F-150 Raptor.  dlhBOWLES has achieved its standing as a valued and trusted supplier of washer, sunroof and powertrain components to many original equipment manufacturers.  Proven product effectiveness and focus guided by key partnerships brings the benefits gained to find real answers to customer pain points thereby Making Safety Systems Safer.

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Russell Hester

Director of Business Development


Exciting Products from Webasto

We are excited to collaborate with Webasto, the world market leader for roof systems, developing creative solutions for the future of mobility. At this year’s IAA Frankfurt Auto Show, Webasto unveiled their Roof Sensor Module, the solution to integrate sensors, cameras and associated features attractively into the roof of autonomous vehicles. This also includes the dlhBOWLES Sensor Cleaning System to ensure sensor functionality in all weather conditions. We combined our respective expertise to seamlessly integrate a cleaning system; using our distinctive nozzle technology and exceptional engineering to clean sensors faster and more efficiently. For more information about the Webasto Roof Sensor Module: For more on dlhBOWLES camera and sensor cleaning technology:

Poised, Prepared, and Proactive Sensor Cleaning is a Must

Engineers who eat, sleep and breathe the objectives of automated driving, machine vision, LiDAR, driver monitoring, and active safety know that the sensor requirements keep evolving every six months. Application of these automotive technologies calls upon the need for proactive sensor cleaning.  In his article, Freddie Holmes (2019) points out that while the vehicle’s beltline is the ideal viewing point for vision sensors, it can also be the dirtiest.  As sensor availability is mission-critical, sensor cleaning takes on a prominent role.  Read more about the intrigue of sensor cleaning and the dlhBOWLES proactive approach here:

Holmes, F. (2019). Poised and prepared: proactive sensor cleaning is a must. Automotive World. Retrieved from

dlhBOWLES Sponsors M:bility | California September 17~18, 2019

Join us and more than 250 stakeholders at the San Jose Marriott for Automotive World’s M:bility California conference on September 17 and 18. Insightful practical and research-based discussions will be led by technology and automotive industry pacesetters. Among many others, speakers will include: Rasheq Zarif of Deloitte, Jim Alder of Toyota AI Ventures, Ganesh Iyer of NIO, Brian Kushnir of Kantar, Sam Abuelsamid of Navigant Research, Daniel Davenport of Capgemini, Ravi N. Raj of Passage AI, Kevin Roberts of EY, Nokia’s Houman Modarres, TomTom’s Praveen Chandrasekar, Steve Wernikoff of Honigman, and Scott Mercer of Volta Industries.

The four technology-driven trends: connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) – indicate a revolution in motion that will change the way people and goods move. Expounding on mobility trends and future changes, the topics covered will include mastering maps and sensors, customer pain points, artificial intelligence, fifth-generation (5G) wireless data, safety, testing, strategic partnerships, the user experience, and government regulations, as well as the numerous challenges the industry faces in its quest to bring electric vehicles into the mainstream.

Future CASE mobility solutions are riding on the trust and acceptance of the consumer. Government representatives Jared Ho of United States Federal Trade Commission, Jean Schlitz of Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy, Jill North of the City of San Jose, and Carol Kuester of Metropolitan Transportation Commission will provide clear understanding of the regulatory role that must be undertaken in the key relationship between artificial intelligence, mobility providers, and their customers. We hope to meet you at M:bility California. Book your tickets here:

dlhBOWLES Sponsors M:bility | Stuttgart July 9~10, 2019

dlhBOWLES has partnered with Automotive World to sponsor the M:bility|Europe Conference. The two-day conference on July 9th and 10th in Stuttgart, Germany is designed to help stakeholders understand how the development and implementation of mobility will drive change while highlighting the challenges to overcome. 

Featured speakers and panelists from leading companies in mobility innovation will include BMW Group, Volvo Group, Deutsche Telecom, Continental Automotive, Renovo, Trafi, and NIO Germany. This year’s conference will include the topics of safety, fuel cell technology, sensor data collection, artificial intelligence, and consumer privacy to provide attendees insight to grasp the future of mobility.  

dlhBOWLES will be featuring our LiDAR cleaning demo debuted at CES2019. The demo utilizes the latest Leddartech LiDAR unit integrated with our patented cleaning system to keep the LiDAR functional in all environmental conditions. Engineering and Sales staff will be on hand to answer any of your questions. 

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Visit the conference site for more information or to register to attend the event.

dlhBOWLES Sponsors M:bility | Detroit March 12 ~ 13, 2019

dlhBOWLES has partnered for a second year with Automotive World to sponsor the M:bility | Detroit Conference. The two-day conference on March 12th and 13th is designed to help stakeholders understand the future of mobility.

Featuring speakers and panelists from leading companies in the mobility race such as Ford, GM and Uber; this year’s conference will help attendees understand the future plans, limitations, and risks involved in the development and implementation of this new technology.

dlhBOWLES will be featuring our Lidar cleaning demo debuted at CES2019.  The demo utilizes the latest Leddartech Lidar unit integrated with a cleaning system to help keep the Lidar functional in all environmental conditions.

Visit the conference site for more information or to register to attend the event.

dlhBOWLES to Exhibit Sensor Cleaning Technology at CES 2019

dlhBOWLES will be displaying their Sensor Cleaning Systems technology as part of the LeddarTech “Leddar Ecosystem Pavilion” at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV from January 8 – 11, 2019.

“We are looking forward to collaborating again this year with LeddarTech to promote our trusted Camera and Sensor Cleaning technologies.  In 2018, we have connected with new technology partners to develop various systems that will hit the market in the next few years,” said John Saxon, President and CEO. “As adoption of ADAS and Autonomous mobility systems increases, our Camera and Sensor Cleaning technology will enable the optical sensors and cameras to safely perform in adverse weather conditions.  We look forward to connecting with more partners at CES 2019 and continue to improve the safety of vehicles on the road.”

Attendees of CES can view dlhBOWLES technology in action at the “Leddar Ecosystem Pavilion” in Central Plaza, as well as in Magneti Marelli’s exhibit located at the Wynn Hotel, Latour Ballroom 5-7. dlhBOWLES is proud to be a part of Magneti Marelli’s Smart Corner Modular Platform that was named a CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree.

dlhBOWLES provides cleaning solutions for Automotive cameras and sensors that seamlessly integrate into the existing washer system in the vehicle improving the effectiveness and safety of today’s ADAS and tomorrow’s autonomous technology.  Foreign materials like dust, mud, road salt, snow and other related debris can cause lens or sensor obstruction that will lead to degraded system performance or even render the system inoperable.

Any vehicle utilizing optical sensors or cameras will need a clear, unobstructed view to function properly and ensure safe operation. The number of cameras and sensor systems present on new vehicles has increased significantly over the past few years and will be part of standard equipment in the coming years as more vehicles adopt the lifesaving ADAS technologies.

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Media contact:
Russell Hester
Director of Business Development