dlhBOWLES Exhibiting in-person and virtually at CES 2022

COLUMBIA, Md., Dec. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Fluid Management and Cleaning specialist dlhBOWLES announces exhibition at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, NV for 2022.

dlhBOWLES will have a new and improved Multi-Zone Camera and Sensor Cleaning System on display as part of their Clēr™ product line as well as newly available Battery Electric Thermal Management Solutions.  This technology will be on display in the Encore at Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 5, 2022, through January 7, 2022.  dlhBOWLES will share the stage in 2022 with two important development partners, RAPA of Selb, Germany and 3Oe Scientific of Carmel, Indiana.

dlhBOWLES, RAPA and 3Oe Scientific will each be hosting a Lunch Presentation and are available for Private meetings showcasing their latest technology in a private suite.  Meetings and event registration can be requested at https://calendly.com/dlhbowles-ces-2022 or by emailing marketing@dlhbowles.com.  Private meetings can be requested for virtual participants to allow them to participate in the displayed content.

In addition to its in-person presence at CES, dlhBOWLES will be live streaming and posting recorded content throughout the show displaying each of their technologies to accommodate those who are not participating in person this year.  Discover all their content on YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnbgGU9zop_6BQhOlQGpnag.

For over 60 years, dlhBOWLES has been a pioneer of innovation thanks to its deep strength in research and development leading to more than 250 patents in fluid management systems and devices.  The company utilizes dedicated engineering teams with state-of-the-art prototyping and manufacturing processes, creating a penchant to take the initiative.  In 2012, the company was the first to market with its front camera cleaning system on the Ford F-150 Raptor.  dlhBOWLES achieved its standing among many original equipment manufacturers as a valued and trusted supplier of washer, sunroof, and powertrain components.  Proven product effectiveness and focus, guided by key partnerships, garners the benefits to find real solutions to customer challenges, thereby Making Vehicle Safety Systems Safer.

Media Contact:


Alicia DeCroix

Director of Marketing and Planning


dlhBOWLES expands Clēr™ product line to include Fluid Control Unit for multizone Camera and Sensor cleaning

COLUMBIA, Md., May 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — dlhBOWLES and RAPA Automotive announces their Fluid Control Unit (FCU) is now commercially available. First presented at CES 2020, the newly developed FCU supports the innovative technology of Advanced Driving Systems (ADS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV).This was developed together with the valve specialist RAPA Automotive, headquartered in Germany.

This strategic partnership brings together the expertise of two companies to make a technological leap in the automotive industry and to the field of autonomous vehicles in the future.

With growing demand of Advanced Driving Systems (ADS), vehicles on the road today are challenged to keep their Camera’s and Sensor’s functioning at optimal levels. The Clēr™ FCU enabled through RAPA’s expertise of valve design, controls
when, how, and how much air or liquid is distributed to a vehicle’s camera or sensor to clean it. Vehicle owners can feel confident that their ADS features will maintain functionality while the vehicle is in operation. dlhBOWLES provides cleaning systems for automotive cameras and sensors that seamlessly integrate into a vehicle’s existing washer system, improving the
effectiveness and safety of today’s Advanced Driving Systems and tomorrow’s Autonomous Vehicle technology.

For over 60 years, dlhBOWLES has been a pioneer of innovation thanks to their deep strength in research and development leading to more than 250 patents in fluid management systems and devices. dlhBOWLES has achieved its standing as
a valued and trusted supplier of washer, sunroof, and powertrain components to many original equipment manufacturers. Proven product effectiveness and focus guided by key partnerships brings the benefits gained to find real answers to
customer pain points thereby making safety systems safer.

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For more information, visit www.dlhBOWLES.com and www.RAPA.com

Announcement: dlhBOWLES Part of the Inaugural Class of PACEpilot Honorees

For 26 years and running, the Automotive News  PACE Awards have proclaimed the Automotive Industry’s greatest commercialized game-changing innovations. The accelerated tempo of change has been driving vast innovation in the pilot phase through processes, products and systems that have not yet been brought to market. Development within these areas has given rise to the need for a new program started in 2020 heralding the achievements of eleven honorees.

The new Automotive News PACEpilot program reviews and recognizes innovations from suppliers, including startups, that have reached a working pilot demonstration phase but are not yet commercialized with a contracted sale.  A glimpse into dlhBOWLES’ innovational spirit is provided in Automotive News’ Pete Bigelow’s article featuring Chief Executive Officer John Saxon and Director of Business Development Russell Hester.  In a live ceremony event (9:00 am EDT on Tuesday, April 28,2020), Automotive News will broadcast the full list of winners. Register here.  

Thanks to a special project challenge from dlhBOWLES customer General Motors (GM) and through the joint expertise of fellow industry veteran Rausch and Pausch GmbH (RAPA), we designed our multi-sensor Fluid Control Unit (FCU) technology to reduce the amount of fluid consumption by cleaning the right location at the right time.  The long-term vision for our automotive grade tested and proven Clēr™ camera and sensor cleaning product line is scalability and quick integration with current original equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems.  Market availability of the Clēr™ multi-sensor FCU parallels the timeline of Level 4 and Level 5 vehicles.

As we celebrate the recognition of dlhBOWLES for Automotive News’ esteemed PACEpilot award, we are sincerely grateful to our employees, fellow first tier colleagues, partners, and especially our customers.  Through partnerships with automotive industry veterans and start-ups alike, dlhBOWLES is continually inspired.  Within our 60 years in the automotive industry, we have not seen a more exciting time to be a part of creating innovative solutions on future vehicles. 


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Advances in Sensor Cleaning Pave the Way for Autonomous Driving

As Automated Driving Systems (ADS) technology grows exponentially, the idealist in us envisions that the practical safety of such systems can keep pace.  At dlhBOWLES, we see the collective harmony of innovative automotive design, technology, safety, and convenience as the key to giving customers what they need.  Specifically speaking, this means that our sensor cleaning is ready to deploy before drivers are alerted to the need for it.

Megan Lampinen’s (2020) article featuring dlhBOWLES Chief Executive Officer, John Saxon, spotlights the challenge presented by sensor systems exposed to dirty, buggy, icy, and rainy encumbrances in the very environment they are designed to navigate.

Lampinen, M. (2020). Advances in sensor cleaning pave the way for autonomous driving, Automotive World. Retrieved from https://www.automotiveworld.com/articles/advances-in-sensor-cleaning-pave-the-way-for-autonomous-driving/