dlhBOWLES expands Clēr™ product line to include Fluid Control Unit for multizone Camera and Sensor cleaning

COLUMBIA, Md., May 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — dlhBOWLES and RAPA Automotive announces their Fluid Control Unit (FCU) is now commercially available. First presented at CES 2020, the newly developed FCU supports the innovative technology of Advanced Driving Systems (ADS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV).This was developed together with the valve specialist RAPA Automotive, headquartered in Germany.

This strategic partnership brings together the expertise of two companies to make a technological leap in the automotive industry and to the field of autonomous vehicles in the future.

With growing demand of Advanced Driving Systems (ADS), vehicles on the road today are challenged to keep their Camera’s and Sensor’s functioning at optimal levels. The Clēr™ FCU enabled through RAPA’s expertise of valve design, controls
when, how, and how much air or liquid is distributed to a vehicle’s camera or sensor to clean it. Vehicle owners can feel confident that their ADS features will maintain functionality while the vehicle is in operation. dlhBOWLES provides cleaning systems for automotive cameras and sensors that seamlessly integrate into a vehicle’s existing washer system, improving the
effectiveness and safety of today’s Advanced Driving Systems and tomorrow’s Autonomous Vehicle technology.

For over 60 years, dlhBOWLES has been a pioneer of innovation thanks to their deep strength in research and development leading to more than 250 patents in fluid management systems and devices. dlhBOWLES has achieved its standing as
a valued and trusted supplier of washer, sunroof, and powertrain components to many original equipment manufacturers. Proven product effectiveness and focus guided by key partnerships brings the benefits gained to find real answers to
customer pain points thereby making safety systems safer.

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