Exciting Products from Webasto

We are excited to collaborate with Webasto, the world market leader for roof systems, developing creative solutions for the future of mobility. At this year’s IAA Frankfurt Auto Show, Webasto unveiled their Roof Sensor Module, the solution to integrate sensors, cameras and associated features attractively into the roof of autonomous vehicles. This also includes the dlhBOWLES Sensor Cleaning System to ensure sensor functionality in all weather conditions. We combined our respective expertise to seamlessly integrate a cleaning system; using our distinctive nozzle technology and exceptional engineering to clean sensors faster and more efficiently. For more information about the Webasto Roof Sensor Module:
https://www.webasto-group.com/en/ For more on dlhBOWLES camera and sensor cleaning technology: https://dlhbowles.com/solutions-services-2/adas-autonomous-vehicle-technology-2-2-2/