Now and in the years ahead, manufacturers will be asked ‘what was your COVID-19 strategy?’

Now and in the years ahead, manufacturers will be asked ‘what was your COVID-19 strategy?’  True enough, industry leaders will reflect to this pivotal time in their forward trajectory to celebrate team accomplishments which ushered in a faster push towards urgent transitions in manufacturing.

As the Automotive industry continues to increase activity after the pandemic shutdown,  it is fitting to recognize the great efforts of our employees.  We are proud of the work we have done to support the frontlines in the COVID-19 fight through new ad hoc groups formed to take immediate action.  The great cross-company, cross-industry achievements stand testimony to the values of cooperative effort we hold close.

Working remotely and masked while socially distanced, dlhBOWLES employees pivoted to adapt our manufacturing capabilities and answer the need for ventilator and respirator parts supplying General Motors and Ford respectively.

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In late March and early April, we partnered with General Motors (GM) to supply parts for the Ventec Life Systems VOCSN ventilator. Chairman and CEO Mary Barra shared the GM strategy on what was learned during their COVID-19 response and how the automaker intends to use that ‘ventilator fast’ strategy : Move from asking why to asking what can we do:

During this same time frame, dlhBOWLES also partnered with Ford to produce the 3M Versaflo™ respirator flow indicator tube assembly.  In a moment’s notice Ford took American ingenuity and manufacturing capability and put it to work:

Both projects retained many of the same team of individuals responsible for implementing a new workflow.  Shattering paradigms and pushing our limits, dlhBOWLES proved to have the dynamic chameleon-like capability to change amid our industry’s environment.  To our strategic and manufacturing teams, and all who supported us:  Thank you!


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dlhBOWLES Assists in Managing Supply Chain Risk During COVID-19

We’re answering the call to help with the COVID-19 response with unparalleled urgency. dlhBOWLES is leveraging resources and decades of Automotive and Consumer Products manufacturing experience responding to demands for critical medical supplies. You can count on dlhBOWLES’ quick response and expedited lead time for injection mold tools and assembly equipment, enabling rapid production.

To help reduce your supply chain risks, the dlhBOWLES team offers varying degrees of immediate support utilizing USA based facilities in Maryland and Ohio or our Reynosa Mexico plant.

Our Capabilities:

  • Injection Molding and tube extrusion of nearly all thermoplastics (excluding silicone), with access to an extensive network of tool shops 
  • “Lights out” injection molding using 33 to 330-ton presses
  • 2 to 3.5-inch extruders
  • 4ft to 8ft diameter index forming tables
  • In-house injection mold tool and machine shops from our North American locations

Current Projects:

dlhBOWLES is currently producing parts for the Ventec Life Systems VOCSN Ventilator in cooperation with GM and Ventec.

dlhBOWLES is supplying the 3M Versaflo™ respirator flow indicator tube assembly in cooperation with Ford and 3M.

To get started, contact:
Russell Hester (, 410-562-8346)

dlhBOWLES remains open and shifts capacity to support production of critical and essential items in response to COVID-19 crisis.

dlhBOWLES is considered to be part of critical industries based on our country’s Defense Production Act (DPA). Specifically working with FEMA, MEMA, DHS and other agencies and companies who direct us to remain open for production. Given this, we have asserted critical and essential status and invoke exceptions to any enforced shutdowns by our local or federal government.

On March 27, 2020, dlhBOWLES entered into a supply agreement with General Motors (GM) to produce parts for the Ventec VOCSN Ventilator. We will remain open for business throughout the COVID-19 crisis at all locations in North America in order to work closely with GM on this project as well as to provide critical parts for the trucking/transportation, military, agriculture, and medical device industries. As part of the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce our employees and facilities may be operating and working despite local or federal shutdowns.

Should there be any question regarding dlhBOWLES’ status as a critical and essential manufacturer, please refer to the Department of Homeland Security website or contact a member of our leadership team.

dlhBOWLES lends a hand to support production of much needed medical supplies in the United States

dlhBOWLES is a manufacturer of injection molded components, extruded tubing and formed tubing for the automotive and consumer products industry globally.  Our capabilities include lights out injection molding using 33 to 330-ton presses, 2 to 3.5-inch extruders, 4ft to 8ft diameter index forming tables, in-house injection mold tool, and machine shops all from our North American locations in Maryland, Ohio and Reynosa, Mexico.

With over 60 years of experience working with various types of plastics, dlhBOWLES is in a unique position to provide components to manufacturers of ventilators, disinfecting sprays and other much needed plastic supplies during the COVID-19 crisis in the United States.

In an effort to support this crisis, dlhBOWLES invites all manufacturers of high demand medical supplies to contact us to regarding any plastic components needed to support the increased demand due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are prepared to help.

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