Production Processes

With decades of experience and a wealth of manufacturing knowledge, our commitment is to deliver defect-free parts through flawless launch. To this end, our vertical integration ensures built in quality in all that we do and provides a clear advantage over the competition. From Injection Molding to Extrusion to in-house Tool & Die builds, our comprehensive approach is second to none.

Excellence is our passion at dlhBOWLES. We are uncompromising in our commitment to quality and unwavering in our attention to detail.  Utilizing lean manufacturing techniques and best-in-class processes we consistently meet or exceed the world class standard of Six Sigma. Our manufacturing capabilities include:

Injection Molding

With over 120 state of the art injection molding presses with clamping forces ranging from 33 to 330 tons, dlhBOWLES has the resources and capabilities to meet your project needs.  Our versatility in production, processes and commitment to quality is set in place to exceed our customers’ expectations. From simple to complex geometries we have you covered.


dlhBOWLES executes custom plastic extrusion of tubing and custom profiles in almost all commercially available thermoplastics including, but not limited to TPE, TPV, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, flexible and rigid PVC, ABS, Styrene and Nylon. We specialize in high quality, consistent parts with the ability to hold exacting tolerances.


Our integrated forming assembly and operations  are capable of making rigid and flexible extruded plastic from most of the materials available in the market today. Our innovative techniques and unique tooling designs ensure product consistency and quality. We can achieve minimal bend radii with compound multiple plane bend capabilities to offer custom routing of fluid and/or air transfer lines for a variety of supply and drain system applications.

Plastic Welding / Joining

At dlhBOWLES, we have at our disposal an extensive array of plastic welding and joining process types. From sonic and solvent to a variety of heat welding and IR techniques, we can offer the best fit for your application in terms of cost effective and efficient processing.

Tool & Die Manufacturing

At dlhBOWLES we specialize in mold design and tool & die manufacturing. We offer a full complement of end-to-end tooling services from our top notch tool shops. With in-house design and state of the art tool room facilities we are dedicated to producing world class quality prototype and production tooling.  We have extensive knowledge in designing complex multi-cavity and other tooling types for engineered thermoplastics.