dlhBOWLES Mexico Earns Ford Q1 Certification

dlhBOWLES is honored to attain Q1 status and recognition as one of Ford’s preferred suppliers in the automotive industry. 

 There are few universally recognized certifications within the Automotive industry which collectively exemplify excellence.  The Ford Q1 Certification is awarded to Ford suppliers who demonstrate excellence beyond the ISO/TS certification requirements in five critical areas: capable systems, continuous improvement, ongoing performance, superior manufacturing process and customer satisfaction.  The award recognizes consistently good performance in quality, delivery, robust operating systems, material management and compliance with environmental system requirements. 

 “We are proud of our Reynosa, Mexico Team for their relentless pursuit of excellence,” said John SaxondlhBOWLES Chief Executive Officer.  “Our partnership with Ford has been strengthened with the award of Q1 in Reynosa.  We look forward to continuing our decades long partnership with Ford and appreciate the faith they have put in us for these many years.” 

 Target and present Q1 status: ACHIEVED. Great Job, Team!