Electric Vehicle Thermal Management


Configurations for Temperature Control


dlhBOWLES engineers Electric Vehicle Thermal Management solutions that are capable of overcoming the challenges presented by any application. We have at our disposal an array of materials, configurations and standardized components to meet the most stringent design requirements.

While we work with a variety of materials to suit customer needs, our unique autoforming process for Nylon tubing allows for lightweight solutions that benefit handling, ergonomics and ease of installation on the production line.


Benefits of Partnering with dlhBOWLES:

• Extensive Library of standard components

• Thermoformed configurations available

• We are an existing Tier One ICE supplier

• Capital equipment to run large diameter extrusion

• Lighter than rubber material alternatives

• We are vertically integrated in the manufacture of connectors and clips


Water Glycol Cooling Tube Assemblies

Traction Battery (HEV, PHEV, EV)
Temperature control - heat & cool
Piping inside & outside battery module

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DC/DC converter electronics
DC charger electronics

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Electric traction motor/generator

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